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Pontus Global Solutions Ltd. is a UK based international trading company with experience in the export/import of a wide range of products and also a creative agency.
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Deepak Mallya
The Ritz London. 1 Michelin Star

“It is clear that Arbonaida's strength is in producing extremely well balanced olive oil, great for salad dressings, pasta or paired with bread. The aroma & taste I would describe as "bold" with an almost "sweet nuttiness" and "buttery" finish that develops perfectly in your mouth. It is testament to the quality of these products that I would recommend to consume raw as the flavour is robust enough to anchor a dish.“

Almudena Villegas
National Award for Gastronomy

“The bedrock of Arbonaida´s olive oils is the Family Reserve, an extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that fulfils all our expectations, and at the same time stands out due to its qualities when used raw. As far as the flavoured olive oils are concerned, I can see an endless amount of possibilities. Olive oil of the greatest quality.“

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We are the exclusive UK distributors of Arbonaida Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you are interested in this product please do not hesitate to contact us using the below contact details. You can also download the catalogue to discover the full product range.

+44 7769 777573


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More than just olive oil...

From Cordoba, where some of the world’s best extra virgin olive oil is produced due to it’s climate and soil composition. This project began with the aim of spreading and promoting the Olive Oil Culture, the #AOVE, and so that our precious olive oil may be enjoyed the world over. Processed and developed to reach the highest possible standards and quality, making sure our passion is embedded into everything we produce.

We control the olive’s journey right from when the ower appears, until it is bottled. is is essential for us as we are committed to producing natural, additive free oils distinctive from the rest.

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Arbonaida olive oil was born from a deep rooted belief and inherited tradition of love for our land and our olive trees. ere are a number of factors that determine the complexion and the quality of our olive oil: the variety of olive used, the soil, the climate, the collection process as well as the art of “coupage”...

However, above all is the passion to create something special and the commitment to combining the traditions inherited from our forefathers with the most advanced techniques of olive oil production in existence today. Olive oil, the cornerstone of the Mediterranean culture, is widely recognised as a “Superfood” with well documented health bene ts and is especially appropriate to enjoy with salads, vegetables, cold creams, acting as a clear link between our beloved olive trees and your kitchen.

Research & Development
Andalusia’s Most Innovative Company

As well as this, thanks to our work in R&D, we were named Andalusia’s Most Innovative Company of 2014 with the launch of our Arbonaida Essences product range; where we have taken one of our culture’s most traditional products - the olive oil - and we have been able to infuse di erent avours, aromas and textures giving rise to...”more than just olive oil”.